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Science Road Trip

All aboard for the [email protected] Science Road Trip! 

The Paleontological Research Institution (PRI) presents the [email protected] Science Road Trip! The Science Road Trip is an Earth science-based virtual tour of the United States using resources from [email protected] On the Science Road Trip we are exploring each region of the US, to create a geological road map of the place where you live.


Meet Gilbert D. Snail

With a degree from Cornell University, and years of foot-on-the-ground experience, our trusted field scientist, Professor Gilbert D. Snail, will guide us state-by-state on the Science Road Trip. Professor Gilbert D. Snail will be your guide to the Earth science for the state where you live using free resources available on [email protected]


Cool destinations, trivia, & more!

Each week Gilbert will share his discoveries in each state he travels to on social media, including must-see destinations for science road trippers, earth science trivia for each state, and more! Stay tuned each week to see if Gilbert visits your home state!


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Follow along on social media each week to see where Gilbert visits! Updates will also be posted below each week. Ready, set, road trip!

Trivia Answers

Southeast U.S.


Tennessee's state rock is also the name of the town where Davy Crockett was born.
Can you guess what it is?


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Kentucky's state gem is formed when a sand grain makes its way inside the body of a bivalve mollusk.
Can you guess what it is?

A Freshwater Pearl!

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West Virginia

The state fossil of West Virginia is Megalonyx jeffersonii.
What kind of extinct animal was this?

Megalonyx jeffersonii was a giant ground sloth that lived during the Pleistocene epoch!

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What is the state fossil of Virginia?
Hint: It was named for Thomas Jefferson

Chesapecten jeffersonius, an extinct species of fossil scallop!

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