Image of the Earth. Meet Earth. Your Home. Discover, explore, and investigate our world and its over 4.5-billion-year history with [email protected] Photograph of Taughannock Falls in Tompkins County, New York. Explore your local geology and natural environment. Get started Digital Encyclopedia of Earth Science Discover more about your world with our free, open-access Earth science textbook. Discover now What is climate and how do we know that it is changing fast? Discover the answers on the Digital Encyclopedia. Two climate chapters are online now: Recent climate change What is climate? Image showing a variety of different kinds of minerals. What are minerals and how do you identify them? Find out Photograph of two people on a beach. Why does this place look the way it does? Virtual fieldwork can help you find the answers. Investigate now Photograph of some rugose coral fossils. Use our Digital Atlas to identify fossils and explore paleontology. Online textbook, 3D virtual collection, and field guides. Digital Atlas logo. Dig in Photograph of a woman looking at mountains. Want more Earth science in your inbox? Subscribe for updates about the latest additions to [email protected] Subscribe now


Discover the geologic history of the northeastern United States!

The goal of "Here on Earth" is to eventually explain the Earth science of every region in the United States. More regions will be added regularly.

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Explore our free, open-access "Digital Encyclopedia of Earth Science" textbook.

Chapters about minerals and climate change are online now. More chapters are coming soon.

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Investigate our interactive Virtual Fieldwork Experience programs and discover why a place looks the way it does. We offer a range of tools to help you experience Earth science online.

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